Sunday, June 13, 2010


East Earth Trade Winds periodically gets spammed by people who have been to the WSPA site and then send us a letter claiming to be our customer. Here is our reply:

Though you say you are a customer of ours I cannot find any record of you in our customer database, however, I will be glad to answer your question. We do not sell products containing bear bile nor have we ever sold products with bear bile or dealt with companies that engage in this business.

Please note that if you had done a little research before spamming us with the form letter you would have found that we have been in business for over 25 years and are not only the oldest mail-order
Chinese herbal company in the USA but also the most committed to natural resource preservation. In fact, over 50 of the most respected authors in the natural health field have recommended our company as a reliable source for quality Chinese herbal products in books they have written (See Books EETW Mentioned In). When an author takes the time to mention us in their book they thoroughly check our background prior to publishing as it reflects on their reputation as well.

It appears you may have been duped into sending this form letter by the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) taking action against the abuse of animals. While I wholeheartedly agree bears (and other wildlife) should be protected I feel it is unethical to lure people (like you) into signing and sending emails that disrupt companies such as mine that have no connection at all to this practice. It appears to me that theWSPA prejudge and pronounce people and companies guilty by association, i.e., if you sell Chinese products or are Chinese you are automatically guilty. This is racial discrimination and they made you a participant in it.
Had the WSPA taken a few minutes to contact me (my phone number and email is readily available on my website) and actually discussed the issue you would'nt be spamming my company.
In the future please question the ethics and integrity of any organization that wants you to particpate in a cause and make sure they have their facts straight before blindly being used by them.

Please note that if you or your friends are sincerely interested in buying Chinese herbal products you are still welcome to shop with us.


Michel Czehatowski, Owner

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