Sunday, June 13, 2010

WSPA Spamming Chinese merchants

One person who spammed East Earth Trade Winds replied:
Thanks for bringing this to my attention - i will contact WSPA in regards to this matter. Do you sell any products obtained by cruelty?

Also, if WSPA made a mistake in this case than i apologize for disrupting your day but I stand by WSPA 100%. "Humanity" senselessly brutalizes animals on a mass scale. Far too many participate or look the other way. I'm so grateful that organizations like WSPA exist; if not, we may have destroyed our existance years ago, instead of soon enough.

Do you speak out aginst bear bile and other forms of senseless cruelty? This is asked just out of curiosity.

Again, my apologies. Maybe I was "duped" but it opened up communication and I do plan on staying in touch. I'm looking forward to visiting one of your stores. Also, how long has WSPA been including you in their anti-bear bile campaign?


My response was:

Dear Jim,
Let me assure you that you were "duped". Few people respond to my personal reply but from those with a conscience tell me they had no idea what was happening.
We do not sell products "obtained by cruelty". I agree that we should protect wildlife but as I said the WSPA has never made an effort to contact my company prior to setting up their spam campaign. Furthermore, my letters to them are ignored. You should reconsider your allegience to them since you are just a pawn in their campaign.
The WSPA has been doing this for about 8 months. We sporadically get batches of spam. It is particularly bad the last 24 hours however I I reply to all personally.
I hope you take time to investigate my company. Our mission is to provide natural herbal remedies as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.

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