Sunday, June 13, 2010

Andie's WSPA Spam reply

Wow, that was an angry letter. I understand that your annoyed but you don't have to be so condescending.
I'm sorry you feel wrongly targeted.
However, I don't see anything about this campaign that specifically targets Asian distributors.
The only people this campaign targets are the suppliers that openly farm bears and the distributors that look the other way.
If your not the latter than it's a huge selling point which you should be taking full advantage of. Getting vocal about the integrity of your products can be a huge market advantage if your not just green-washing.
Your company website makes no claims as to your eco-integrity, nor could I find any reviews of your company or sourcing practices online.
While the endorsement of those authors (which I couldn't readily find) is valid, it's not enough. Specific, verifiable claims about your sourcing and business practice are essential to insuring the integrity of your industry.
As a proprietor of medicinal goods, the ball is in your court to be as thorough & informative as possible. How do you screen suppliers for pesticides, fungicides and ambient chemical content?
Do you work with small or large farmers? What do you know about them?
Do you support suppliers that use Bear Bile -even if you don't stock those specific products?
Why do I have to write you company to get those questions answered?
Why not start a blog or at least and FAQ page to preemptively address these concerns while educating people?

Best Regards,
Andie Oliver

My reply:

Dear Ms. Andie,
If you received hundreds of letters in one day all from people claiming to be your customer but who have never even taken the time to go to your website I'm sure you would be irritated also.

As for getting vocal for marketing purposes, my position is that doing the right thing in life is not something to boast about. Actions speak louder than words. so we just do the right thing. For example, we have been using recycled paper in our catalogs for over 22 years yet we don't advertise it on our catalogs. We just do it.

The problem with the WSPA, as stated in my letter, is that they never contacted me about my company. I am presumed guilty. Furthermore, I answer all these letters personally as I have to defend my credibility.

I would like you to ask the WSPA how companies are put on their list and who verifies that that company has a problem. I suspect they won't answer you (They've ignored me) but if they do answer please forward it to me.


Michel Czehatowski

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