Sunday, June 13, 2010

WSPA spam

From B. Smolinski,
In response to your letter if it is as you say then I most certainly apologize for thinking that your company sells any product with bear bile. I support several rescue organizations that are trying to end the use of bear bile and the barbaric farms that imprison them. It needs to be outlawed along with tiger bone, snake blood and all other methods that humans come up with to so call cure disease. Again I am sorry that your company was listed as being one of the many that was included. B. Smolinski

My reply:

Dear Ms. Smolinski,
I appreciate your apology. I suggest you write WSPA and ask them why my company was singled out and who was responsible for putting my company on a spam list without contacting me.
If they reply (I doubt they will) I would appreciate you sending the answer to me.
Once again I appreciate the time you took to reply to me.

Michel Czehatowski

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