Sunday, June 13, 2010

WSPA sapm reply from Sherwood Block

Dear East Earth Trade Winds,
Thank you for your reply to my message.I apologize if you are getting unwarranted requests from consumers. Even if I am not your customer, I would hope that an inquiry would be welcomed on this serious issue affecting your industry. As to whether or not I have been duped by the WSPA, how else would this matter be brought to the attention of the public without their help? If you do indeed truly deplore the treatment of bears in traditional Chinese medicine, then I would hope you would welcome an investigation into this matter. Your problem with so called spam mail will go away quickly once you resolve this issue with WSPA.
I might add that it would help if you had something on your website too that indicated that you do NOT use Bear Bile or other products such as Rhinoceros horn or Tiger parts. This is a serious issue for world wild life conservation. You display many products on your website that have no indication what they are made of- what for example is in the Prostate Gland Pills? There is nothing on your site to reassure a consumer that you do not use these products."Traditional Chinese Medicines" are the worst offenders and if you think about it- you should get out ahead of this issue rather than blaming the messenger, because it is a problem. These are endangered species.
As a concerned consumer I do not buy products that test on animals or use animal parts, most especially those species that are endangered. I do not buy products that do not guarantee their ingredients. So until I have that guarantee, it is true, I will not be your customer
Thank you
Sherwood Brock

My reply:

Dear Mr. Brock,
I have been well aware of this problem since I started studying Chinese medicine in the early 1980's. It is not news to me nor my real customers. As I mentioned before we don't sell or advocate the use of these products. Had the WSPA made even a small effort to contact me then they would not have put my company name on the spam list. However, their method is like setting a trap for a wild animal - they don't care who or what gets caught in it as long as they get their message out. It's shameful.
Had you or everyone else who spams me actually been a customer or potential customer it wouldn't be a problem but when I get hundreds of identical letters from people claiming to be customers you should be able to see the problem.
By the way, I have sent letters to the WSPA over six months ago and they don't reply. I suggest you see if you can get an answer from them on who chose companies to get spammed and what research they did to put them on their list.

If you are, as you say, a consumer that does not buy products that test on animals or use animal parts then you should be using Chinese medicine. All pharmaceuticals, including OTC's, have been tested on animals.
Chinese medicine has been tested on people over thousands of years not on animals.

Michel Czehatowski

PS: Do you know what makes Cherry Coke red?

Answer: the color in Cherry Coke comes from a crushed insect.

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