Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weaverville Museum

Here's a picture of objects on display in one of the cabinets. You can see coins, scales, and opium pipe and other interesting objects. The museum also has weapons used in a local Tong war including a butterfly knife and a very long sword.
If you are passing through Weaverville, CA stop at the Joss House and the Museum.

Weaverville Chinese History

Chinese miners settled in the Weaverville area in the 1800's. We found a museum across the parking lot from the Joss House that was really interesting. There were several cases filled with Chinese related historical objects. One that we found interesting was a medical book on display that had prescriptions for toothache, skin problems, and a Dit Da Jow formula. The formulas are all written by brush.
Unfortunately the book was locked in a cabinet and inaccessible. I would love to go through the book and have it translated.
Here's a picture of the page that is displayed. At the top, in the center you can find the characters for Tian Qi or Psuedoginseng which is a standard ingredient in dit da jow formulas.

Weaverville Joss House

There's a small museum that you enter before being able to take a tour of the temple that displays many interesting Chinese artifacts. One item that caught my eye is this bottle that contained a tonic wine with Wu Jia Pi (otherwise known as Siberian Ginseng). The characters for Wu Jia Pi are near the top of the label printed with smaller characters and written from right to left.

Weaverville, CA Joss House

Yun Lin Miao (Cloud Forest temple) is the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California. Located in Weaverville, California, the temple was built in 1874 as a replacement for another that had burned. This is a small temple but filled with history.
I traveled there with my friends, Huang Li and daughter, Xin Yu, and Kang Shu Jin.
Inside the temple there is a main alter and behind that three smaller alters with dieties. Here is a picture of some of the dieties.
Because my friends are Chinese we were allowed to go up to the alters to view it more closely.

Pictured in front of the Temple (Left to right) are my friends Kang Shu Jin, Huang Li, and Xin Yu.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

skin problems

Q: I have checked for chronic ingrown hair condition on my legs only and I did not see anything listed that would meet that criterion. Can you please recommend what product may help with this condition? I've dealt with this for several years and it keeps getting worse. It seems as though since I have such coarse hair, it will curl back under the skin before exiting the upper dermis. I?m not sure if I just have very tough skin or what is causing this condition, but it's extremely embarrassing. Specialists are saying that they want to put me on steroids and/or growth inhibitors, but I DO NOT want to go this route, it's very harmful. I am desperate to find an all natural remedy for this condition. Any insights of recommendations for one of your products, would be greatly appreciated!

Here's a suggestion for two products that may help. One is a topical called Yin Care. I suggest making a 10% solution to start. You'll have to experiment a little to see what works best.
Here's the Link:

The other product is internal and works good for acne, blemishes and other skin problems. The dosage is 4 tablets twice a day.
Here's the link:

Hopefully you'll see results within 7-10 days or less.