Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Students of Tai Chi Master Yang Cheng Fu

Last week I came across an interview of Yang Jun on a Bay area Chinese TV station (see: One statement that Yang Jun made was that his great grandfather (Yang Cheng Fu) had two notable students, Cheng Man Ching and Dong Ying Jie. Cheng Man Ching came to the US to teach and was very well known. Dong Ying Jie stayed in China. I wasn't familiar with his name. I later realized that he is known in the USA as Tung Ying Chieh. There are some video's of Dong Ying Jie on youtube but his name is written in an older style as "Tung Ying Chieh". Here's a link showing his Tai Chi form:

Here's a link to a video of Cheng Man Jing:

It's interesting to compare the two since they were both students and classmates under the tutelage of Yang Cheng Fu. By watching them you would think they had different teachers!

Finally, here's a video of Tung Hu Ling. His father was Tung Ying Kit and was also a student of Yang Cheng Fu. I found a bio on Tung Hu Ling and it stated he learned from his father but was also tutored by Yang Cheng Fu but he must have been very young when that happened. He was born in 1917 and Yang Cheng fu passed away in 1936. In any event I like his Tai Chi.

Review: The Diabetes Cure by Dr. David Pearson

Dr. David Pearson, an independent medical researcher, has written a book called The Diabetes Cure (See: This book provides in-depth information on diabetes and explains the different types of diabetes, how it is caused, and how to treat it. Dr. Pearson points out that prescriptions drugs do not cure diabetes (or any other modern ailment for that matter). Drugs only help control diabetes which is to the financial advantage of the drug companies that make the medication. He also talks about the natural diet of man and suggests that our ancestors ate fruit more often than meat or grains. Suggestions and recipes for a diet that will help cure your diabetes are given.
Dr. Pearson also has a recipe for a Diabetes Cure Powder. This powder is made from a number of Chinese herbal extracts. Most of the herbs are easy to find. In fact, you can get the premade formula from East Earth Trade Winds (See: They have the complete formula less one herb, chicory, which is not used in Chinese medicine. They are trying to locate a sources of the chicory so that they can offer all the herbs in the formula. East Earth Trade Winds calls the Diabetes Cure Powder the "DC Formula". (They  do not make any claims regarding the use or effectiveness of this formula.)
If you have diabetes you should read Dr. Pearson's book. He offers a simple way to help lower your blood sugar and bring you diabetes under control. It's worth a try!
By the way, a few other companies sell this formula with the  price ranging from $50-$75.00. East Earth Trade Winds has a very fair price at only $36.90 for a month's supply.