Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dr Oz and Corydalis

Because of Dr. Oz's television show the folks at East Earth Trade Winds gets lots of inquiries and orders for Corydalis. Corydalis is a powerful herb and does have good effect in relieving pain. However, in Chinese medicine it is usually combined with other herbs in a formula to achieve pain relief. That said, although they have sold many bottles of this product they haven't had people calling back and raving about it - but we do have people commenting all the time about how well the Tung Shueh formula works. Tung Shueh contains ingredients specifically for relieving muscle and joint pain and Yan Huo Suo (Corydalis) which is an ingredient in this formula seems to work even better in the synergistic blend. If you are going to try Corydalis for joint and muscle pain we would suggest that you consider trying the Tung Shueh also. You might have better results.