Thursday, May 20, 2021

USA criticizes China while financing the Genocide of Palestinians

 The US Government continues to be highly critical of China and its so-called "human-rights" violations while financing the genocide of Palestinians. Yes, the bombs that the Israeli's are using to murder Palestinian men, women, and children are financed and for the most part made in the USA. The Israeli government is required to buy the majority of their armaments from the USA with the money the USA gives them.

One American Senator is willing to speak out. Senator Bernie Sanders is introducing a measure to "disapprove" of the US sale of "precision guided" weapons to Israel. Will this stop it? No, but at least there is one US Senator that shows signs of having a conscience.

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In the meantime, while the US Government and the world in general is reluctant to confront Israel on the issue of Palestinian genocide, you can avoid supporting Israel and boycott any products or services that come from Israel.

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