Sunday, March 28, 2021

US Government creating distractions

 The US Government is failing miserably in human rights. We are witnessing an unprecedented time of civil unrest, almost weekly mass shootings, high unemployment, homelessness, and over 500,000 dead due to the government lies about the seriousness of COVID-19. We also have a dysfunctional government with representatives acting like spoiled two-year old's.

Instead of tackling our human rights problems the US Government wants to distract us by focusing on Xinjiang and creating a story about poor treatment of its citizens. I for one am skeptical. I was in Xinjiang about two years ago, and yes, the security was tight, but we were able to visit freely and there was no sign of unrest or so-called camps. It was a much safer place to be than almost any city in the US.

On the other hand I do know for a fact that the US Government will falsify information and stir up unrest in other countries all in the name of spreading democracy. Think about our invasion of Iraq and how it was based on lies. How many Muslims died because of false intelligence?

The truth is that people with power (and money) have woken up to the fact that while we've been bogged down killing Muslim men, women, and children and creating instability in the middle East to control their oil, China has been prospering economically by advancing peaceful trade with other countries. China is also advancing in their technology at a faster rate and will surpass the US in the next few years, if not sooner.

The US Government needs a plan to stop spreading lies and work together with China. We need to have healthy competition instead of  more "they are the enemy" lies. Working together would create prosperity for both of our countries and add some stability to the world and maybe our leaders could focus on taking care of its own citizens.

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