Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Herb Source for David Andrews Diabetes Destroyer System formula

We were recently made aware of the Diabetes Destroyer diabetes treatment program from, designed by David Andrews. While we haven't read the book we are informed that this book suggests a Chinese herb formula which is the same formulation as the DC formula we sell. See: .

The majority of the herbs are in powdered extract form. One herb, fenugreek, is not available as an extract powder, but is available as a regular powder. East Earth Trade Winds has also found what they believe to be the only source of Shepherd's Purse in Extract Powder form. This herb is sold separately and needs to be added to the mix. The only herb they don't have is chicory because chicory is not a Chinese herb. You can get chicory at health food stores or possibly supermarkets as it is used as a coffee substitute.
It should be noted that East Earth Trade Winds does not make any medical claims for the formula. They simply put it together. If you have questions on using the formula you must consult David Andrews Diabetes Destroyer book.

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