Sunday, June 7, 2015

Does the David Pearson "Diabetes Cure" formula work?

East Earth Trade Winds makes up and sells the Diabetes Cure formula that Dr. David Pearson recommends. They sell it as the DC Formula. East Earth Trade Winds has no association with Dr. Pearson and cannot comment on the effectiveness of the formula but they have noted many of the people who bought the formula will reorder it. That is a good sign that it is helping. Some people have given positive feedback. As we get more information we'll keep you posted.

  • "...I am very pleased with my results using this product's program. I have lost 6.9 lbs., and lowered my blood sugar readings by an average of 70 mg/dl per check!!!!! in the first week." -T.G., Mishawaka, IN (2/17/15)
  • "...with the first bottle I was able to cut my insulin by 60%. I am ordering another bottle to see how it continues to work..." -A.C., Dade City, FL (5/5/15) 
  • "...this formula is doing wonders for me, do you have many people taking advantage of this formula?....." -S.S., Alberta Beach, Canada (6/17/15)
  • "...when I went in to see the doctor after a three month checkup my blood sugar was normal and I don't take prescription medication anymore for diabetes. I take 1/4 teaspoon of the DC Formula three times a day. I mix it in water and drink it 30 minutes before meals. Taking the formula is part of the program to better health. I also watch my carb intake and avoid fats. I'm glad to be off insulin..." C.H., Ft. Wayne, IN (6/26/15)

We all know that no medicine or supplement works for everyone 100% of the time. One customer stated that the formula did not work for them but it is not known if they were following Dr. Pearson's Diabetes Cure program as specified. It is our understanding that to get results you need to modify your diet and do whatever else he suggests. It takes some effort on your part.

Some people have been buying the herbs individually and trying to make the formula up themselves. One person said they had spent over $240.00 and still didn't have all the herbs to make the formula. East Earth Trade Winds can save you lots of time and  money as they offer this formula at a reasonable price. They also have a extract powder of the Shepherd's Purse which no one else seems to have.

If you are following Dr. David Pearson's plan East Earth Trade Winds is the place to buy it.

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