Friday, January 8, 2021

Double Standards on US Policy towards China and Hong Kong

 In 2019 the Hong Kong protests was headline news in the USA. The US Government and many others supported the violent Hong Kong protesters. Members of the US Congress passed a bill in support of the protesters while neglecting to address why the Hong Kong bill was proposed in the first place (1). This bill was signed by President Donald Trump (2).

Now the tables are turned and with American citizens breaching the halls of our capital buildings the protesters are being identified, losing their jobs, and being arrested (3). 

Our politicians view the rioting and destruction in Hong Kong as good and when the Chinese government increased the presence of Police this was viewed as suppression.

Of course, now that the same kind of civil disobedience and destruction happened here our government officials condemn the protests and the violence.

The USA has long held a double standard with China and feels that it is a threat. This is unfortunate because we should be viewing the Chinese as competitors - not as our enemy. The USA needs to abandon the ideology of condemning China. Both China and the USA have more to gain from a constructive relationship that will mutually improve the well-being of our citizens.

(1) The Hong Kong administration first proposed the changes in their extradition bill in February 2019, citing the case of local man Chan Tong-kai who was wanted for the suspected murder of his pregnant girlfriend while the two were on holiday in Taiwan. Officials said he could not be sent back to Taiwan for trial because there was no formal extradition agreement between the two territories.

(2) From an extradition bill to a political crisis: A guide to the Hong Kong protests

 (3) People at the US Capitol riot are being identified and losing their jobs

Officials say man seen in viral photograph at Nancy Pelosi's desk arrested

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