Monday, September 21, 2020

Shou Wu Chih or Shou Wu Capsules?

 Shou Wu Chih is a popular tonic formula from China popularized in the 1980's book "Chinese Tonic Herbs" by Ron Teeguarden. East Earth Trade Winds sold it for many years but discontinued it. There were several reasons for not carrying it anymore. The supply changed over the years and the ingredients would change slightly depending on the manufacturer. In China the formula is made by many companies and all have very similar labeling and bottle shape. Another problem was the alcohol content. Though small it was alcohol non-the-less.

The solution to these problems was to have the original formula made into capsules using extract powders. Once made they called the product "Shou Wu Capsules" instead of "Shou Wu Chih". The new product was superior in many ways, foremost, was that the formula was never altered and they had a consistant reliable product to sell. The alcohol problem was eliminated as it did not need a preservative and there was no problem with breakage in shipping. It also made the product easier to take with you when traveling.

Shou Wu Capsules gently increase the energy level, tonify and invigorate the blood, and nourish the Liver and Kidney function. Tthe herbs in this formula are also said to be good for the bones and joints and it is a good restorative to take after an illness. This is considered a tonic formula that is suitable for long-term use.

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