Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fructus Lycii 枸杞子 gou qi zi (wolfberry)

Fructus Lycii 枸杞子 (Chinese: Gou qi zi, AKA goji berry or wolfberry) is an important herb for longevity and beauty. It nourishes the blood and essence and is used for weakened sexual energy, backache, fading eyesight, oversensitive eyes, mental confusion, and underdeveloped inner psychic vision. This sweet and tasty fruit can be made into tea, eaten by itself, or used in food preparations. It combines well with Ginseng, Rehmanniae, or Chrysanthemum. Use 6-15 grams per four cups water.

Note: Tibetan Goji Berries is a species of Lycii berries that is not listed in the Official Chinese Materia Medica and therefore is considered a Food Grade Product rather than a Medicinal Grade Herb.

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