Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dog's Liver Enzymes

Q: my dog has high liver enyzmes vet doesn't know why with Diarrhea muccus can she take liu wei Di Huang wan if so she is 28 lbs how much can i give her and how many times aday are 2 pills enough? i want to make sure on the box it says something about liver problems i'm confused because it's for the liver

A: Use about five pills a day for a 28 pound dog. The liver warning on the box has to do with the product containing licorice. If you take about 1/3 of an ounce of licorice daily for months on end you may have blood pressure problems - hence, the warning. However, there is not even a gram of licorice in the whole box. The warning is just to protect the company in case of legal action. You should also know that this product has been around for over 200 years without a warning label and many other companies make the same product without a warning label. However, you need to make the choice whether to use it or not.

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