Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chinese Pears for Cough

If you have ever read about using Chinese pears and sugar for coughs but don't know how to prepare it you've come to the right place.
First you need Chinese pears which you may find at a Chinese market or perhaps at your local grocer.
1). Imagine that you are going to make a little hat for the pear and cut the top off about 1/2 - 3/4 inch below the stem.
2). Remove the seeds by hollowing out the pear.
3). Fill with honey.
4). Put the top of the pear back on.
5). Put the pear in a bowl and fill about halfway up with water.
6). You will cook the pear in a double boiler, so put the bowl in another pan of water and heat the outer pan.
7). Turn the heat on low so that the water outside the bowl is warm and steamy.
8). Put a lid on it and cook for 60-90 minutes
9). Eat the pear.

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