Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sifu Lew's Cloud Hand Workshop

Sifu Share K. Lew's Cloud Hand workshop had a warm reception in Redding. Even though there was only a short notice that Sifu Lew would give a workshop, the class was quickly filled. Some students came from as far as San Francisco, Red Bluff, and Weaverville to attend. Sifu Lew taught several workshops in Redding over 10 years ago when longtime students and friends, John and Janet Price hosted the seminars and introduced many of us to Sifu Lew's teachings.
Despite the outside temperature hovering at 102 degrees and the inside temperature about 90 degrees in the studio, Sifu Lew and his wife, Juanita, generously shared their knowledge with over 30 men and women who attended the workshop.
We all look forward to Sifu Lew and Juanita hopefully returning to Redding when the weather cools down and helping us refine what we have learned and teaching us more.

Top Right: Sifu Share K. Lew (center), Sifu John Price (right), Michel Czehatowski (left)

Below (left to right): Michel Czehatowski, Steve Lauderdale, Sifu Lew, Juanita Lew, John Garland.

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Pike said...

Great time as usual.

John Price