Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanging Monastery at Mt. Heng

After Yungang Grottoes we went off to lunch at a nice new restaurant and had an excellent meal. Then we were off to the Hanging Monastery at Mt. Heng (Heng Shan) which is one of the five sacred mountains of Taoism. The Hanging Monastery stands at the foot of Mt. Heng. The view from below is extraordinary and awe inspiring and on it is breathtaking and wonderful. My picture on the blog shows me clinging to the building for the photo. The walkways are narrow and we all had the impression that the railings came up to our knees though the photo's tell a different story.
Top right: Mt. Heng from the valley floor.
Top left: a view of the posts supporting the outer building.
Middle right: Mark Van Loan on the stairway with a good grip on the rail. It's a long way down!
Middle left: Hannah Czehatowski with guide Guo Bao carefully watching their steps!
Bottom photo: Posts supporting the structure along the walkway.

For more information on the Hanging Monastery see this Wikipedia article.

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