Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Golden Temple

After walking down the stairs we went to the Golden Temple. We passed the large white Stupa that we had seen in the distance when descending the 99 stairs. A stupa is a building that is supposed to contain the Buddhas relics. I don't remember if this one did or not but it was spectacular.

For more information on Stupa's read this article:

We entered into another Temple compound which contained many buildings. One was the Golden Temple. A gilded temple that contained Buddha images. (Gilding is the art of applying a thin layer of gold to a surface). The pictures may give you some idea of the artistic beauty of this temple.
Top Right: Hanah (left) and Mark (right) in front of the white Stupa.
Top Left: The Golden Temple.
Center: Closeup of The Golden Temple.
Bottom left and right: Closeup photograps of the Golden Temple artwork.

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