Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taiyuan's Twin Pagoda Temple

We arrived in Taiyuan after a long drive. Taiyuan has a history going back to 500BC. We were taken to see the Twin Pagoda Temple. These ancient stone towers are 13 stories tall. You can climb up the dark, steep stairways to about the tenth floor. At each floor in the center is a small room and a window looking out. The center of the floor has a wood grate over it and you can look all the way down. The picture of our guide Guo Bao, Mark, and Hannah was taken in one of the rooms.
Top Right: The Twin Pagoda Temple.
Top Left: (left to Rt) Guo Bao, Mark Van Loan, Hannah Czehatowski.
Bottom Right: Hannah descending the stairs. The camera flash lights it up but actually there is very little light in the stairwell or the rooms and because it is so narrow you don't want to meet someone going in the opposite direction.
Bottom Left: Another view of one of the Pagoda's.
For more information on the City of Taiyuan, click this link:

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