Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monk's Spade

There was a small open market area near the temple and we stopped to take a look. I spotted a Chinese man who was about my size but much heavier trying to lift the Monk's Spade and he was only able to lift it up a few inches - at least that was the impression I got from watching him. Liking martial arts and having seen Monk Spades in the movies and books I just had to try lifting it. I thought I might embarrass myself and only get it up an inch or two like the other man but to my surprise I lifted it right up. It was much lighter than I anticipated but it was still pretty heavy. My estimate was that the thick back end weighed about 40 pounds and the half-moon front about 20 pounds. I'll have to do some weight lifting in preparation for the next time I see one of these things!
Top Right: Michel Czehatowski preparing to lift the Monk's spade.
Top Left: Lunging forward with the spade.

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