Monday, May 31, 2010

Iron Hand / Iron Palm Liniments

Q: It sounds like your iron hand[palm] liniment is the real deal. i'm a beginner boxer and would be using it to toughen my hands, and fingers for in the gym and on the street for self defense purposes if needed. i'm not into breaking concrete, but injury free one hit knockouts is appealing. which product do you recommend, dit da jow or iron hand liniment? also does it come in larger quantities? 16-30 oz btls.? your thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated. thank you, rick

A: They both work good. Both can be used for sports injuries and toughening the hands. Zheng gu shui is warming. Iron Hand is not. I suggest getting a bottle of each and trying one bottle at a time and comparing results.
You'll find the products at

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