Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swallowing capsules

Q: Could I melt the capsules? I'm not very good at swallowing big pills.

Is this something I will have to take everyday to feel the effect? I am looking for something that's more "on the go" type or immediate relief.

A: You can open the capsules and pour the contents into tea. I'm not sure how well it would dissolve. One trick to swallowing any pill or capsule is to tuck your chin down as you swallow. The capsule will go down much easier this way. If you tilt your head back it is much harder to swallow anything.

You might take it daily for the 1st two weeks than use as needed. You'll have to see how it works for you. Herbs are not as strong as prescription drugs so you can't always expect "immediate" relief, especially if you are using it for panic attacks or anxiety. It may need to build up in your system.

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