Monday, February 22, 2010

herpes virus

Q: I have the herpes virus. Based on my studies, I know you can not tell me that you have a cure for herpes, I know you can not use the word cure. However, I need t know what is your best product for my condition and has any of your customers told you that they feel better after taking your product for this type of virus. Also Do you have an herb called PRATAN. This herb comes from Thailand and suppose to be good for herpes. Can you assist me in making a connection to some body in that country.
A: The Long Dan Xie Gan Wan is the best formula for this problem. It is to be taken whenever you feel like you are having an outbreak. Don't take it all the time. This product is not a cure but helps control the outbreaks. You also need to have a good diet and reduce stress to prevent future outbreaks and above all don't have sexual intercourse when you are having an outbreak. Do not pass this on.
I am not familiar with the herb Pratan.

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