Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clostridium difficile and Chinese Herbs

Clostridium difficile (C-diff) is a hospital related diarrhea. Recent reports suggest that it is surpassing MRSA infections. Western medicine is having more trouble treating this problem. We know that:
• Clindamycin resistant outbreaks of C-diff were identified in U.S. 1989 through 1992
• Ciprofloxin and Levaquin resistance C-diff was reported in 2005
How can Chinese herbs help? We know from research that certain herbs can treat C-diff. These herbs* have been identified as:
• Anemone pulsatilla (Bai Tou Weng)
• Artemisia (Ai Ye)
• Camellia (Lu Cha)
• Cassia seed (Jue Ming Zi)
• Coptis (Huang Lian)
• Gingko leaf (Yin Xing Ye)
• Rhus chinensis (Wu Bei Zi)
It would be in the best interest of patients to integrate Chinese herb therapy when fighting problems such as C-diff or other antibiotic resistant organisms.

*The herbs with the exception of Rhus Chinensis, can be found by looking up the Chinese name at

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