Friday, December 5, 2008

Equine Acupressure Therapeutics

Interested in using Chinese medicine on horses? Read this!

New Book Series: Equine Acupressure Therapeutics Equestrian News Release
An equine acupressure book that really makes sense! Readers benefit from the author's years of combined experience as a licensed acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultant and horse owner.
Workbook 1, an Introduction to the Basics, is the first of the Whole Horse Wellness series of workbooks dedicated to providing accurate, useful information and equine health care tools for the horse owner.
This 50 page, spiral bound workbook is easy to use and understand with clear charts and graphics – ideal for the beginner or advanced student.
Workbook 1, an Introduction to the Basics includes:
-Qi, yin & yang
-Five elements
-Meridians & channels
-Tendo-muscular meridians
-Zang fu organs
-Acupoints explained
-Acupoints - Points and their uses
-Meridians - Meridian charts & extensive point explanations

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